Home Audio Products

Suffolk Audio Visual can supply many of the top Brands for a fantastic Audio Visual treat.

Whether you already have the kit or you would like us to supply, many of the popular high end brands are available from us, like Kef, Sonos, Panasonic and Bose.


Hanging LCD and plasma TVs on the wall is a fantastic space saver – and it looks brilliant too. But they’re expensive and heavy bits of kit.


Our wall mounting service makes sure your TV is attached securely with a flat or swivel / tilt bracket.


What we do:

Mount your TV in the exact location you require

Carry out a survey of your room and walls, to make sure they’re strong enough

Mount and secure the bracket and screen on the wall

Connect your new TV to equipment like your DVD player and Sky box

Supply trunking or conceal cables inside the wall

Vacuum and tidy up afterwards

Surround Sound Install:


A quality surround sound system is an important component in a home theatre system. Surround systems are usually installed in one of three configurations.


A: 2.1 surround sound system utilizes a subwoofer and two speakers: two front.


B: 5.1 surround sound system utilizes a subwoofer and five speakers: two front, two rear and one center.


C: 7.1 surround sound system utilizes a subwoofer and seven speakers: two front, two side, two rear and one center. Proper placement of these speakers is the key to getting the best sound from your system.


Suffolk Audio Visual and our sister Company GB Aerials can install your surround sound system to ensure you get the best experience possible from your installation.